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Can my passengers or I consume liquor on a boat?

No. Alcohol consumption on a vessel is prohibited unless it was manufactured with sleeping quarters, meal preparation area (galley), a built in lavatory/washroom, and is moored for the evening.

If I consume liquor while operating a vessel, can I be charged with impaired operation?

Yes. Impaired driving laws under the Criminal Code extend to vessels in waterways, train operation, and aircraft operation. Possession of liquor in a vessel is also prohibited and subject to seizure and a fine under the Gaming and Liquor Act.

Is there a speed limit on Chestermere Lake?

Yes. The portion of the lake North of the causeway has a speed limit of 12km/hr. The remainder of the lake has a 10km/hr speed limit within 30 meters of shore.

If the police request an inspection of my vessel, am I obligated to cooperate?

Yes. You are obligated to provide proof of operator competency (pleasure craft operator license), proof of ownership (vessel licensing), and must produce all required safety equipment. If you refuse to cooperate, the police may board your vessel to check for these items and if required order you to leave the lake. Violations for non compliance may also result in a court appearance and fines.

Can I waterski or go tubing after dark?

No. You cannot tow a person after dark.

How many people can I have on my vessel?

You may only have as many people as you have seats which does not exceed the recommended weight for your vessel. This includes any persons towed by your vessel.

Can I tow a person on a tube with my Personal Watercraft (PWC)?

Yes, as long as you have a spotter on your PWC and an additional seat for each towed person.

What are the age restrictions for operating a pleasure craft?

** All persons who operate a pleasure craft regardless of age require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, or in the case of a rental has received appropriate instruction **

Under 12 years of age with no direct supervision: May operate a boat up to 10hp (7.5kW) engine power.

Ages 12 to under 16 with no direct supervision: May operate a boat up to 40hp (30kW) engine power.

Under 16 years of age, regardless of supervision: May not operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC)

16 years of age or older: No horsepower restrictions.


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